women and the bible


This website is all about women – thinking women – and the bible. In particular it is for those who have been significantly influenced by the bible in their upbringing, and would like to know more for themselves instead of simply continuing to trust what they’ve been told to think and believe.

I am committed to the empowerment of women in all areas of their lives, and I think that for many women in the Church, or with a Christian upbringing, this begins with informed engagement of Scripture.

It is this belief that motivates my teaching and that has brought me to the place of creating this website.

With respect for where a person is in her faith journey, I can offer information about the bible that is relevant to our lives. I walk with people through faith struggles, in particular when it comes to real life experiences “clashing” with biblical ideals. I love to help others understand “what the Bible really says” about whatever issues matter to them.


If there is a topic you are interested in knowing more about, let me know and I will get something started about it on the “Permission Granted …” page.

If there is a conversation you would like to have in person, or that you and some friends would like to have together with me, let me know.


Studying religion academically, whether it is one’s own or one that is new to us, gives us a better understanding of our world and what motivates and influences people. I think this level of understanding and awareness is essential to living responsibly and respectfully as global citizens today.


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